Grand Knight’s Notes

Brother Knights, the up-coming May 24th 2017, General Membership Meeting of Resurrection Council will mark the final I will chair a council general meeting as your Grand Knight.

During my thirteen years as a member of Resurrection Council I have served in numerous portfolios. And gotten to know many of you personally, and consider you my friends, as well as my Brother Knights.

This past year I have had the honour of serving as Resurrection council’s Grand Knight. During which I have had but one goal, and that was to serve our council’s members, who I have represented, without favour or agenda.

I have tried to look at all the situations I have encountered with an open and unbiased mind.

And while evaluating each situation, I have always tried to do “what was right,not what was easy”, in overcoming the many challenges our council’s administration has faced over the past fraternal year.  And, there have many difficult challenges. Many of which I could not have successfully dealt with without the unwavering support I have received from the members of our council’s executive, and its membership.

However, all things have to eventually come to an end. So too will my time as your Grand Knight come to an end. At the end of June, I will be leaving the office of Resurrection Council’s Grand Knight with the knowledge that I have done my best in this portfolio.

And, I thank you all for your help and support, and I wish all my best to my successor.

Vivat Jesu

Sir Knight Patrick Rusheleau, PGK, PFN
Grand Knight